Phase I / II / III management & Monitoring

CROss Alliance® experienced Clinical Project Leaders manage phase I, II and III clinical trials all over Europe, coordinating in-house and external activities as well as different study players (Competent Authorities, Ethical Committee, Investigators, laboratories, monitors, etc), in order to provide the Sponsor with only one contact point and trial responsible.

CROss Alliance®, taking advantage of a free-lance CRA network built in years of activity, provides monitoring services in Italy, Switzerland and in other EU countries, although, differently from the majority of CROs, monitoring does not represent our core business.
Through selected partners we can extend monitoring activities to US, South Africa and Eastern European countries and in case of monitoring subcontract, CROss Alliance® remains responsible for the CRA’ activities towards the Sponsor, reviewing every monitoring report in a due time before releasing it.

Specific monitor's study training is always set before trial starts. Continuous GCP training update is provided to monitors by CROss Alliance® Quality Assurance Unit or by relevant courses.

Clinical studies in our two preferred sites, CROSS Research Phase I Unit (Arzo, CH) and Vienna Medical University Hospital (Wien, AT), are closely monitored by CRAs very familiar with the clinical center and its standard procedures. 100% Source Data Verification versus CRFs can be provided as well as a risk based monitoring approach while on time delivery of monitoring reports to the Sponsor is considered of high priority.

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