About Us

CROss Alliance® is the commercial brand name for CROSS Research SA and CROSS Metrics SA, a private group of Swiss Contract Research Organizations (CROs) active in the field of clinical drug development.

All the activities are performed in full compliance with GCPs, as certified by local Authorities (Canton Ticino) and Swiss Confederation Regulatory Bodies (Swissmedic).


CROSS Research performs Phase I studies in its own and dedicated facility located in Arzo, close to Lugano (CH).

CROSS Research operating from the Mendrisio HQ coordinates and manages Phase I, II and III trials in European clinical sites with the requested competence for each project.

CROSS Metrics is a highly specialised CRO, completely devoted to Data Management, Statistics and PK activities.


Since 1996 CROss Alliance® companies have performed more than 400 clinical studies and delivered valuable data, often used for regulatory purposes all over the world, to more than 100 Sponsors.

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All the “pathways” to get in touch with CROSS. Fell free to contact us for any additional information you may need, we will be glad to assist you as soon as possible.

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